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Patient Quizzes and Tests
The following links contains tests and quizzes you can test to help evaluate specific health concerns.

If one of the tests you take gives you an abnormal result, you may want to schedule an appointment to review it.
ADAM Questionnaire - This evaluates men for low testosterone or Male Menopause

Prostate Symptom Score - If you score over 7, it's time to talk.

10 Year Risk Calculator - From the National Cholesterol Education program. This evaluates your risk of future heart attack.

Depression Quiz for Adults- Are you depressed??

Depression Quiz for Children - Is your child depressed??

Bipolar - Manic-Depressive Disorder - Take this one too if you think you are depressed

ADD Quiz for Adults - Screen yourself for Attention Deficit Disorder

OCD Screening Test - Do you have Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder??

Domestic Violence Quiz - Are you being abused???